Executive Committee - Duties of Officers


Sara M. Gaborik 

Shall preside at CCDC and Executive Committee meetings, appoint all standing committees and special committees, with exception of Nominating Committee. Official spokesperson for Democratic Party in Chesterfield County.


1st Vice Chair of Operations

Becky S. Conner

Shall preside in the absence of the Chair; shall perform all the duties of and have all authority for the Chair when the latter is, for any cause, unable to act, and shall succeed to the Office of Chair in the event of its permanent vacancy until a new Chair is elected.The 1st Vice Chair shall have overall responsibility for establishing and maintaining a Democratic Party organization in the various magisterial districts and precincts, and shall serve as the chair of the Organizational Development Committee. 


2nd Vice Chair of Programs & Fundraising

Kristi T. Glass

Shall preside in the absence of the Chair and the First Vice Chair. The 2nd Vice Chair shall be responsible for planning programs of general interest for regularly scheduled meetings of the committee, and shall serve as chair of the Programs Committee.


3rd Vice Chair of Membership

Lynette Clements

Shall be responsible for encouraging membership in the Committee and maintaining a current roll of membership. The 3rd Vice Chair shall be chair of the Membership Committee.



Dominique Chatters

Shall keep a record of all proceedings of the Committee, a record of reports and a copy of the Committee Bylaws and the Virginia Democratic Party Plan. The Secretary shall be responsible for providing notice of meetings, elections, mass meetings, or conventions as required in the Bylaws and the Virginia Democratic Party Plan.



Michael Jackson

Shall have charge of all funds belonging to the Committee, and shall deposit same in a bank designated by the Committee to the credit of the Committee. The Treasurer shall pay the assessment made by the Virginia Democratic Party and all bills authorized by the Committee by check, and shall keep a record of all receipts and expenditures of the Committee.

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The Chesterfield County Democratic Committee

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