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The Chesterfield County Democratic Committee

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Magisterial Chairs

Bermuda District:

Avohom "Vo" Carpenter

Amanda Lynch

Lea Ane Beaver

Dale District:

Caroline Emmons

Sonja Benedict

Tyla Matteson

Evelyn Morris-Harris

Deborah Hawkins

Matoaca District:

Amy Towne

April Moss

Clover Hill District:

Tara Corallino

Peggy Taylor

Cynthia Losen

Joanne Sweeney

Midlothian District:

Kelly Gotschalk

Kristen Calleja

Christy Burton Omarzai 

Magisterial Chairs have the following responsibilities:

  • Recruit Precinct Captains and coordinate the efforts of Precinct Captains in their Districts

  • Meet with Precinct Captains to motivate, educate and train them on their responsibilities

  • Assist Precinct Captains in recruiting volunteers to greet voters at the polls and hand out Democratic sample ballots

  • Monitor Progress of Precinct Captains in recruiting volunteers

  • Distribute Democratic literature, sample ballots, signs, etc to Precinct Captains for Primary Day and Election Day

  • Be visible as the Democratic Party leader in your District

  • Keep Precinct Captains informed about what the party is doing in Chesterfield, the candidates on the ballot and current political issues

  • Have a post-election wrap-up with Precinct Captains; discuss what worked and what did not work

  • On Primary Day and Election Day, communicate with and support Precinct Captains. Visit and replenish precincts with needed materials. Report problems to the Democratic leadership

  • Work with Precinct Captains to organize precinct events to promote engagement